There is no more emblematic games representative of the Egyptian spirit than the Backgammon, known in Egypt as tawla, one of the most popular games in the country.

Along with the bubbling sound of shisha and the chink of cups on saucers, the clicking of small dice falling onto a board is one of the most typical ambient sounds of an Egyptian « ahwa » or café.

The word tawla itself literally translates to « table » in Arabic most likely came to Egypt from Turkish tradition has been since a omnipresent social and human loan in the life of Egyptians whatever their social rank.

The game is a delicate balance between strategic thinking and pure luck, as both are essential to winning the game.

It is the universal, playful and intergenerational dimension of the game paired with the force of fate that I would like to celebrate through this immersive installation made exclusively of marble with Marmonil.

Hues of green stones have been used to recreate a human sized backgammon set, a subtle color chart of greens evoking nature and luck, amongst other positive associations to the color green such as growth, fertility, health and generosity…

Let's give way to the game of destiny!